Friday, June 20, 2014

McDonalds in Roaring Spring, Pa being remodeled

  I become a huge fan when a McDonalds gets remodeled for a new look. Like when the old McDonalds in Altoona, Pa got rebuilt after it's been there for almost 40 years. Now, the McDonalds in Roaring Spring is getting tackled with a new look. Not a rebuilding issue, but the remodeling of the building. It is similar to what they did to the one in Duncansville.
This is the old design of the McDonalds

  For the remodel, they'll have more parking spaces for people to come visit this nice Mickey Ds. Also, for the impatient people out there, they will also have two drive thrus! Two is better than one drive thru. It will have a sweet design for the outside, and the inside. I don't have any picture for the inside, but fortunately I have one for the outside.
Taken from Newspaper; new design of McDonalds

  This is a picture of them constructing it. It wasn't fully done on this picture. According to the sign, and the info I heard elsewhere, it is to open on Saturday, June 21st, all ready for the summer! So if your a big fan of the food (I'm not anymore), or if you just like hanging out there, please stop by there! It's definitely turning out fine.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Meadows Frozen Custard has reopened

This is the original building when it opened originally in 1950.

As of Saturday, April 19th, The Meadows Frozen Custard has been reopened. It has a brand new building that is even better than the old one. Although it has opened since Friday, that was a soft launch. It will be officially open during this Monday, April 21st at 11am. The governor of PA is going to attend the reopening of the store.
This is during a busy day of The Meadows in 1955.

So, I visited the frozen custard today. It really has a very similar facade to the older building. The inside of the building is very similar to the old one, too. The only difference is there is a drive thru, which doesn't seem to be completely ready yet, but everything else is. It is also larger than the older one.
This is a recent picture of the old building.

If you are near by The Meadows, it will be a perfect place to get Ice cream, or frozen yogurt. If you don't know where it is located, it is at Duncansville, PA. So drop by any day to the ice cream parlor! 
Update:This is the new building of The Meadows as of July 4th, 2014

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Meadows the Original Frozen Custard to reopen in Duncansville, PA

This is the old one since 1950.

Hello! This is a blog about the meadows in Duncansville, PA. Recently,  it was demolished. It was built in 1950, however, PennDot reconstructed the road about ten years ago. That caused The Meadows to have much less parking. Regarding of how many memories of the original building, they are  rebuilding it so there will be more parking, and also a new drive thru. The facade will look similar. I have had much interest if the new building being done, since it was being constructed since the end of November of 2013. So, I will make an update of The Meadows (maybe) when it is done. It is planned to open in Easter, which will be in a couple weeks. So stay tuned!

This is the new The Meadows in construction

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Welcome to my new blog!

Hello! Welcome to my blog! This is not a blog about comics, as originally planned anymore. Instead, it will be announcements of things, like maybe if a DVD or Bluray comes out. If so, it would be companies, such as Thunderbean, or Betty Boop releases on Olive Films. So, ignore the title of my blog, called MyComics. Hopefully I can change the name of the blog, if I am able to. I most likely will figure out how to change it. So, have a great day. If you are interested in any more of my blogs, check it out! You will like it, I promise!