Friday, June 20, 2014

McDonalds in Roaring Spring, Pa being remodeled

  I become a huge fan when a McDonalds gets remodeled for a new look. Like when the old McDonalds in Altoona, Pa got rebuilt after it's been there for almost 40 years. Now, the McDonalds in Roaring Spring is getting tackled with a new look. Not a rebuilding issue, but the remodeling of the building. It is similar to what they did to the one in Duncansville.
This is the old design of the McDonalds

  For the remodel, they'll have more parking spaces for people to come visit this nice Mickey Ds. Also, for the impatient people out there, they will also have two drive thrus! Two is better than one drive thru. It will have a sweet design for the outside, and the inside. I don't have any picture for the inside, but fortunately I have one for the outside.
Taken from Newspaper; new design of McDonalds

  This is a picture of them constructing it. It wasn't fully done on this picture. According to the sign, and the info I heard elsewhere, it is to open on Saturday, June 21st, all ready for the summer! So if your a big fan of the food (I'm not anymore), or if you just like hanging out there, please stop by there! It's definitely turning out fine.

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